May 2012

The Glazers Are Winning

The Glazers’ game plan is on track: Buy “fans” for cheap -> increase revenues and value -> sell for massive profit

Shame On You Uefa

UEFA profits from Euro 2012 are expected to be considerable. Ukraine’s citizens are going to be the big losers

Can National Team Football Be More Interesting?

If the big thing about international football is a competition between countries let’s make it exactly that

The Commodity Has Spoken

The motivation of players is not to turn a team into a champion. But the team has to prove itself as worthy for the player

Is Wenger Preparing Arsenal for 4-4-2?

Arsenal will play better Wengerball in a formation which is “the essence of logic”

Financial Fair Fail

Financial Fair Play will be legally challenged. Uefa must find other routes to gain competitive balance in its competitions

Football’s Growth Engine Is Asia

Europe might be heading for financial instability, but European clubs can still flourish because of “Fans Without Borders”

Abramovich’s Crocodile Tears

Allow me not to be touched by Abramovich’s tears. Chelsea’s victory cost us a lot more than it cost him

The Humble Observer

The one manager to boast about style, delivered what the owner really wanted

European Champions by Name

Let’s hope for great football tonight. Because the champions will be European kings only by name

A Champions League Format UEFA must consider – TAKE 2

A few months ago we suggested a new Champions League format that will make more commercial and sporting sense. Now we return with an even better format!

Proud But Not Optimistic

2011/2 leaves me prouder than ever to be an Arsenal fan, but it does not fill me with optimism

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