June 2012

Why Do Manchester City Want Robin Van Persie?

Balotelli’s excellence brings up that question

The Future Is Still German

When Mesut Özil & Manuel Neuer will have the international experience of Andrea Pirlo and Gianluigi Buffon – then it’s hard to see Germany lose

The Bull Will Win Eventually

A massive, fast and furious beast will eventually gore the del Bosque’s matadors

The Last Great Euro

Platini sacrificed the Euro’s quality to gain political points

So, What Did We Learn?

Here are a few conclusions before Euro 2012 Semi-Finals.

Pirlo’s Moment of Zen

Andrea Pirlo’s penalty was more Prajñā than Panenka

The Lock

No Italian Catenaccio have strangled international football so fatally

Resistance is Futile

Germany’s strength is in its variety

The Ultimate Number 2

Nani being second best is great news for Portugal

Swag is Waste of Energy

Off the ball movement will win Euro 2012

Footballers Are Working Too Hard

Cristiano Ronaldo has played more than 6,030 minutes in 2011/12 season for Real Madrid and his country. More than any other athlete in the world

Give The Benefit of The Doubt Thumbs Up

The benefit of the doubt in football HAS to be with the defense for a simple reason: the attacker is in a much better position to cheat

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