July 2012

Professional Sports – Tool of The Revolution?

Football could be an extremely important tool in the fight against exploitative economy

Is Football Still The People’s Sport?

The newspapers are full of sports stories. Not manipulative speculation about people’s future employment

Cap and Tax The Rich

The FFP won’t work, Uefa should try Transfer Cap + Luxury Tax

Platini’s Choice

On one side Platini’s ambition is to be FIFA’s president, on the other side his legacy as Uefa president is on the line

Robin’s Kingdom For £10m a Season

Robin Van Persie could have been the king but he wants to be just a servant or a mercenary

10 Things You Can Do With Zlatan’s Salary

What can you do with €80m? Here are a few ideas

The Benefactor Model isn’t Dead Yet, It Just Smells Funny

The community model strives for balance and harmony, while the benefactor model strives to fulfill a rich man’s childhood dreams

Financial Fair Play anyone?

Platini will do nothing about clubs ridiculing his rules. He is a Politician busy getting elected

Who Should Run FIFA?

Clubs, Football associations, players, coaches and supporters should own and run FIFA together

Wenger’s Philosophy Can Only Take Off With Local Lads

Is it “romantic” or just pragmatic to build the spine of the team from local players?

Wenger, Let’s Talk Cruyff

Wenger’s insistence not to buy a real big name might be admirable, but eventually it is undermining his great philosophy

The What If Arsenal XI

What if Arsenal could have hold on to their star players who left in the last 7 years, how would the team look like?

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