Football is Their Mother Tongue

Spain's "Thinkers only formation" can only work in a culture that cultivates brainy footballers.


Another tournament, another trophy

The heroes of last night’s Euro 2012 final, the best footballers in the world, are not “action heroes”. They don’t have ripped abs and flowing hair. They are not extremely fast or powerful. They are not super-humans. On the contrary, they look like clerks in a bank, bureaucrats with shin pads. However, they all have the brains and football is a game you play with your brain.

A good set of lungs and muscular legs are important tools but they are only tools. They need craftsmen to use them right or else, they are useless.

Vicente del Bosque decided he doesn’t really need “tools”. He decided that he doesn’t need speedy wingers or a powerful striker. He went for the “Thinkers” only formation and that’s why Spain’s games looked a bit like chess duels.

The Spaniards were smart, patient and calculated – they took the sting out of the rivals’ strength and energy. They beat them with their brains.

As you might have read here Spain’s ability is not down to “talent”. Their players posses neurological skills required at a very young age. Cesc, Iniesta, Xavi, David Silva, Busquets and Xabi Alonso - they are all the  the sons of professionals football players or coaches . Their families threw the ball at their feet the moment they could start walking.

The grew up into football and their brain circuits are wired to play football much like they are wired to speak Spanish.

Football is their mother tongue and until a nation will rise with so many players who are fluent in football, Spain will continue to dominate international football.


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