September 2012

Punish the divers

The NBA will punish “floppers”. It is time football will punish divers

Just a Thought

Is Abramovich a better coach than Wenger?

Inside Man

Promoting coaches from within the club can keep the system going

Theo Is No Thierry

He can be a better version of Gervinho but unlike the Ivorian, Walcott already thinks of himself as a star

No time to waste

Paul Pogba is no longer a prospect. He is the real thing

Thanks Jonjo!

It’s fair to say that Liverpool played better than Manchester United but because of Shelvey’s silly tackle, Manchester United won

99% < 1%

Uefa must act now before rich old men will control the people’s passion

There Is No Value in Valuation

There is a need for consistency and consensus in the valuation methods of football clubs

A Clockwork Arsenal

Wenger gave up on the stars notion to create a new, more efficient Arsenal

The Degeneration of Professional Football

Players who are not getting paid are a clear and present danger to the credibility of the professional game

Real Madrid Will Win The Champions League

La Liga is over

It’s Time To Stand Up

Part of the real Hillsborough legacy should be the return of standing areas

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