October 2012

My First Man Crush

Happy Birthday Marco Van Basten – My first love

The Premier League is Not The Right Scene To Judge Wenger as a Coach

If everyone had £250m to spend on their team – then we could have judged coaches and clubs a lot better

Mark Clattenburg had only ONE major mistake

Sending off Fernando Torres for a dive was not a logical decision

5 Reasons Nike Should Pay Arsenal Big Bucks

Nike NEEDS Arsenal more than Arsenal need Nike

“A Great Investment With a Great Return”

With difficult financial times a head, It is time to give youth a chance

Why It’s Important A German Team Will Win The Champions League

The right financial model needs sporting success to crystallize its greatness

Teamwork – The Best Way To Score

What are the elements in a great goal?

Mind Strength – Level 10

With Jack Wilshere Arsenal can now be the most intelligent team on the field

Messi Has Evolved Into a “BOSS”

In the last year Messi has evolved into the major “cog-wheel” for Barcelona. It’s great news for Argentina

Key to defending? Leg-Eye Coordination

The name of the game is reducing the mistakes to a minimum and speed doesn’t help you to do that

Southern Comfort?

Napoli’s current start of this season is better than Maradona’s best seasons in the south of Italy

Who Needs to Get Injured?

Arsenal would have fined Walcott for playing against amateurs in his spare time

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