November 2012

Can Walcott Guarantee Goals and Trophies?

Theo Walcott refuses to consider new contract talks at Arsenal while he’s no first-choice. Pffft

Ethos, Style, Money, Persistence and Open Mildness

These are the elements that helped Barcelona (113 year old today) become the best talent creator

A Team Of Winston Bogardes

Can Arsenal, as a club, continue trusting solely the mighty brain of Wenger?

It Makes “No Sense” For Brazil To Hire A Foreign Coach?

It would be a shame if Brazil miss out on Pep Guardiola because of national pride

Benitez Has Lost His Right to Criticize Club Owners

Managers should boycott Roman Abramovich

Get Ready – Boring Match Day 6 Is Coming

Champions League Group Stage is 16% unimportant

Roman’s Dictatorship

Roberto Di Matteo has “shamed” Roman Abramovich

PSG is FFP’s Biggest Test

Zlatan Ibrahimović’s wages make a mockery of UEFA’s new rules

A Roman Catch 22

AS Roma’s management is facing a decision that the word “difficult” doesn’t even begin to describe it

What Is A Great Goal?

Zlatan Ibrahimović’s wonder bicycle goal against England was nice but not great

Did Wenger’s Testosterone Levels Drop?

The best thing Wenger can do for Arsenal is to leave his post, join the board as sporting director and sign Pep Guardiola as coach

Barça – Commercialized & Hypocrite (As usual)

A year after Barcelona members democratically approved a sponsorship deal with a non-government organisation, their team will wear the logo of a commercial airline

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