December 2012

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Wenger sounds like someone who is busy summarizing his career

The 10 Most Read Posts on Soccerissue in 2012

December is here and we are too lazy and cold to write proper posts so here are the 10 most read ones on Soccerissue in 2012.

Messi’s Beautiful Mind

Are Messi’s goal scoring abilities a form of OCD?

Is Messi Underpaid?

If Messi was a great point guard in the NBA, he would have earned a lot more than what he does as the best footballer on the planet

You Can’t Buy Love or Loyalty

Football owners can cause “their customers” pain and agony, and these “customers” will almost always come back for more. That’s why It’s time to take an active approach to counter their club’s owners

Top Footballers Producers Should be Rewarded

Clubs should not suffer because of their academies’ success

Stability Is The Problem?

Maybe Arsenal need to collapse in order to rebuild itself

How Much Would “The Invincibles” Cost today?

Arsenal’s rivals improved their scouting departments, while Manchester City and Chelsea hiked players’ values

Madness In The Name of Politics

Euro 2020 is going to be a farce because of Platini’s political ambitions

What Democracy Does To Football

The great support for the Sounders, generated without any tradition or history of football in Seattle, says something about our nature as fans

When Should Clubs Refund Fans?

Footbal is not really about pure entertainment but more about being with your community, tribalism and some masochism

What Mourinho Wants You To Think

The stories about Mourinho leaving Real Madrid are probably engineered by Mourinho himself. And everybody at Real Madrid knows that

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