January 2013

The Beitar Jerusalem Story is Not About Racism

The story is about an owner who used the fans and the club for his own personal interests

Money Bends The Rulers

If Uefa can’t protect their own rules from Qatar’s money, can anyone in football do it?

The FA Cup’s Equation is Simple but Effective

The open draw + the one game format = more upsets and more interest in the competition

Money Sticks To Money

The medium sized clubs need to fight this “growing polarisation syndrome” more than anyone else

But What About Swansea?

Hazard will pay a heavy price – rightly so. But how can the game tolerate Swansea’s part in the incident

Worse Than Cantona?

Should Eden Hazard be banned for months?

Why Did Sneijder Move to Turkey?

Well, it’s probably because only Galatasaray could really afford the Dutchman. Why? Tax issues (of course).

The Old Lady needs a bit of Rouge

Juventus are doing great but it’s time to become a world class team

Move Theo, Move!

Walcott is now Arsenal’s leading forward and Arsenal should be more aware of his weaknesses and his strengths

Modern Football Sucks

Sometimes reading about the football industry is just depressing

The Values Won

Pep is the son of a bricklayer. I can only guess that the nouveau riche attitude of his mega rich suitors only repelled him

Depression – Football’s Great Problem?

We should all be a little more considerate before tearing a footballer to pieces

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