Modern Football Sucks

Sometimes reading about the football industry is just depressing



* Research shows, The average price for the cheapest ticket in the Bundesliga is £10.33 and the average cost of the lowest price adult season ticket is £207.22, compared with £28.30 and £467.95 respectively in the English Premier League. Why? Because Premier League football is owned by businessmen with personal profit on their mind.

* Wembley Stadium to be renamed in Football Association deal with mobile phone company EE. Why? Because the F.A is in a financial mess.

* Southampton - unbeaten in their last 5 league matches, a stretch that included 4 away fixtures – have sacked their talented manager, who led them to back-to-back promotions. The manager, Nigel Adkins has the best win percentage of any manager in Southampton’s history. He helped the club Rise 48 places in league pyramid over 26 months under him. Why was he sacked? Because Fuck off! that’s why.

* In London, a Russian billionaire, who had no idea about football ten years ago, is throwing money on his toy club Chelsea – distorting the playing field on a scale not seen before he arrived . Roman Abramovich sacked every manager he has hired and now, we are told,  he “will take complete control of picking Chelsea’s next boss”.  Why? Because he can, that’s why.

* All these are just stories from today. Modern football sucks.



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