February 2013

Just a Short Story about Match Fixing

This is just a short story about how the huge illegal betting industry directly affects football with its huge financial muscle

Wenger’s Kibbutz

Wenger regarded his childhood as “like being brought up in a kibbutz”. He now must realize that the kibbutzim disappeared because they did not adapt to their surroundings

Swansea – The Only Proper CLUB in the Premier League

The Premier League must learn more from Swansea and its sporting and financial success

Wenger – The Tortured Executive

Wenger declares money will be spent in the summer but would that solve the problems or just deepen them?

What’s So Fair About Financial Fair Play?

UEFA are overlooking a proven fact: signing players can improve a club’s financial standing


Barcelona are far too dependent on one superstar. It’s a problem

It’s Hard Playing Against a Real Opponent, eh?

FC Barcelona are used to quash the whimps of La Liga and suddenly they faced a real financial force

Cynical Stan

Kroenke is from the retail business and he knows investing less in a product and selling it for the same price is good for business

Franchise Vs Club

Bayern München are managed by an ex-player with an emotional or communal attachment to the club. Arsenal are not

Arsenal Really Need Mourinho

Mourinho is the only manager who can re-install a winning mentality in a club that forgot how to win

Football Wants Your Entire Week

Football wants you to be infront of the television everyday and every night

A Letter to Arsène Wenger

I understand you have quite a lot of funds at your disposal and I wish to make a few suggestions, if you don’t mind

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