March 2013

Uefa Should Seriously Consider an Alternative to FFP

Making football a more sustainable business is an important mission – but Financial Fair Play is not the only way to do so

If You Want To Shoot, Shoot Don’t Cross

It’s official: Shooting from outside the box is by far more efficient than crossing

Crossing Is For Dummies

Shooting from 25 meters is more efficient than crossing

Under Pressure

Is football’s current schedule dangerous for footballers?

Look For “The Baddest Man” In The Transfer Market and Punch Him In the Face

The transfer market is a lot about statements

Ronaldinho. He Was The One

Messi is Ronaldinho’s great legacy

Formula for Success in International Football?

In the past 3 years, I’ve been trying to find what makes a good football team tick. Here are a few theories

My Owen

The 30th of June 1998 was the most important date in Michael Owen’s career

The “Journalistic Nightmare” Could be a Prophecy

The story about the Qatari Dream League is not that far-fetched when you think about it

EPL, Y U NO Modern?!

Why can’t I pay the Premier League £2 per game and watch my favorite team online?

The Two Teams Solution

Talent is just man-made age favoritism

Give Group Stage Winners a Real Advantage

The “away-home” constellation should be thrown out of European Football

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