April 2013

Arsenal Will Need to “Overspend”

Arsenal Are Missing a Player Like, Err – Robin van Persie

How to Dethrone Blatter in One Step

Governments can’t reform FIFA. The big football nations, sponsors and the media can and should

Are Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund the Next Step in The Evolution of Football?

Have we witnessed the birth of the German version of “Total Football”?

The Power of Comparative Advantage

Dortmund did not invent anything new. They just do the simple things well

Pep’s Quest

Replacing Jupp Heynckes will be a much harder mission than taking over from Rijkaard

One Man Dynasty

Liverpool had a long period of domination but with three different managers

Sealed With a Bite

Selling Suárez will make professional and financial sense for Liverpool

André Schürrle To Chelsea. But Why?

What’s the strategy behind Chelsea’s manic shopping of skillful forwards?

A Depressing Promotion

Cardiff’s promotion to the Premier League is depressing because the message it sends to billionaires around the world

Let The Oldies Play

There is great marketing potential for 5-a-side games with legends

Everything is OK. You Can Go Back To Sleep

Are leagues without playoffs just stupid?

Are Wigan a Problem?

A comparison between Wigan and a small sized La Liga clubs tells us a lot about the state of England’s national team

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