May 2013

Super Ugh

Monaco’s story is about how football can be really disgusting

Soccerissue Interview With: Jordi Cruyff

Maccabi Tel Aviv’s General Manager doesn’t like the media but was kind enough to give us with some insights into how he works

3 Things Neymar Will Have to Learn

Cruyff: “Messi and Neymar? Two captains on one boat doesn’t work.”

Arsenal Need Another Cazorla

Despite all the deficiencies at the back, Arsenal’s bigger problems lie upfront

What Do You Give a Team That Has Everything?

Guardiola will need to convince Bayern that they are “slightly behind” the giants of Europe

How Things Change

At the base of the Renaissance of German football is the understanding that skill is in our brain and not in our feet

Nostalgia is Holding Back The Champions League

The Champions League is responsible for almost 80% of Uefa’s annual income. Yet Michel Platini regrets it

Who Will Stand Up to The Germans?

The Germans may have risen to the top of European football due to their healthy business model, but they might not be able to stay there for long

Bypass FFP via New York City

I don’t want to be cynical, but New York City FC might be an easy way for Sheikh Mansour bypass FFP

Arsenal, Your Schedule for the Summer is:

First of all: Relax and enjoy St Totteringham’s Day´╗┐

Did Mourinho Lose His Deterrent Force?

Have we witnessed an end of an era yesterday?

What If Beckham Was Average Looking?

Would we have considered him as great as Zidane?

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