June 2013

Penny-Pinching is Not Worth it.

Fellaini’s release clause should not be a problem for one of the richest sports clubs in the world

Soccerissue Interview With: Declan Hill

The world’s foremost expert on match-fixing and corruption in sports is trying to figure out with Soccerissue how to fix the match fixing problem

Will the World Cup™ Return to the Democratic World?

Transparency is ruining FIFA’s business plan

How Good Is Zaha? Statistical Analysis

Would you buy a winger who is ranked 1st or 2nd in 9 out of 15 categories that show who’s the best winger in his league?

Aikido Football Clubs

They are not punching above their weight, they are not even trying to punch. They are aikidōka

Pass It Forward

The simple logic behind Spain’s success

Top Footballers are Being Exploited

A footballer from a top club will play about 5,000 minutes per season

Why Messi Has to Pay Taxes

No footballer has made it on his own

Are Leagues Interesting?

Reminder: competition is the essence of sport

Mata Will Add More To Real Madrid Than Bale

Juan Mata was actually born to play for Real Madrid

The Future Looks Awesome

Imagine that in 50 years every player is going to play like Messi

Istanbul United’s Message to Humanity

We all need to be united like Besiktas, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce fans are united against Tayyip Erdogan’s government

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