July 2013

No Luxury Tax, No Competition

Imagine a world in which Real Madrid will be responsible for the huge gap they create between the rich and the poor

£16.2m Per Year for A World Class Striker? Bargain!

Buying Luis Suárez for £45m and paying him £150,000 per week is not a huge gamble for a club like Arsenal

Prepare Yourself

The 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 formation is coming

The Champions League is Destroying The Leagues’ Competitive Balance

Uefa will have to improve their regulation if they don’t want the entire European league system to collapse from lack of interest

Boom or Bust

If Arsenal don’t sign a big name. it’s a huge failure. A failure somebody like Ivan Gazidis will have to pay for

Barca’s Mission: Stick to Your Values

Barcelona tend to panic when Real Madrid seem to know what they are doing

Football’s “Trickle-down” Economics

While some football teams pay €64m for one player, other professional players have to ask their union for money, rent and food

How Much For The Aura?

The bottom line is quite simple: If Wenger signs a big name, Arsenal will compete for the title

Summer Déjà vu

Maybe it’s all just a sophisticated smokescreen and Wenger will surprise us with bold moves in the market

The Small Difference

The difference between a top class player and a semi-professional player: 90cm and 2 seconds

A Simple Story

Just a sidewalk and six friends who conquered Europe

Better Than Reality

What’s the difference between “reality TV” and sports

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