August 2013

Can We Have The God Angle Please?

Human drama is great and all that but the mechanics of the game, the tactical aspect can be extremely interesting as well

The Elephant in The Room

One high profile star can break the transfer system only by doing what the law allows him to do

Soccerissue Interview With: David Sally and Chris Anderson

David Sally and Chris Anderson are two professors who joined forces to write the first full-fledged football analytics book. “Statistically, football is the least predictable game”, they say

Football Martial Artists

A response to Declan Hill’s patented and highly-scientific method of figuring out who will win the Premier League

Why Footballers Need Release Clauses

Footballers need to fight for mandatory release clauses (buy-out clauses)

Wenger – The Alchemist Who Went Too Far

Wenger seems to have fallen in love with the image of “the alchemist”, who creates something out of nothing

Wenger Knows

Just please let Aston Villa know that Wenger knows

10 Very Important Instructions for The New Season (2013/14)

These scientific tips just might save your club’s 2013/14 season

The Day Quaresma Didn’t Sign For United

We don’t know anything really

Who is Disrespecting Footballers?

There should be a complete separation between international football season and club football season

€100m for One Player Might be “Moral” but it’s Disgusting

Real Madrid can afford to buy one player for €100m but It’s a sickening sight

Everyone is Unique

Potential unlocked – the power of coordination training and custom-made technique training

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