September 2013

What is Bale’s X-Factor?

Shots on goal are the key to justifying Gareth Bale’s transfer fee

Boys To Men

Smooth sails do not make skillful sailors

How the League Cup Should Evolve

Here are some ideas that can help the League Cup and to adjust in today’s game

For the Sake of Footballers

Football should give up on tournaments such as the Capital One Cup. This is an order from the doctor


Excuse me football, are you fucking insane?!

Image & Reality

While Messi was pampered by hypocrites, Cristiano Ronaldo was educated by Alex Ferguson

Competition Is Better Than Mega Teams

The Premier League might not have the best teams in the world but it is the best league in the world

The Professional

Rooney doesn’t need your love, he wants your money. And that just OK

Transfer Laws are Hurting Grassroots

FIFA’s laws leave clubs who were important to players’ development without any payment for their work

The Champions Of Unfulfilled Commercial Potential

The gross commercial revenue from the UEFA Champions League is estimated at around €1.34bn. That’s poor

England – Don’t be Ashamed of Your Style

England can’t play tiki taka. They don’t need to play tiki-taka

The YouTube Effect

YouTube exposure hinders the judgement of some decision makers

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