Competition Is Better Than Mega Teams

The Premier League might not have the best teams in the world but it is the best league in the world


A lot of Premier League bashing is happening in the last few years: Young English players are not getting enough chances; money’s part is way too important in the plot and the prices teams charge are too steep for fans.

While all these things are true, the TV revenue sharing system in the Premier League has made it the most interesting League in the world. On the long run, the TV money allowed smaller clubs buy some quality players.

The new deals ( £5.5 billion over 3 years) allow clubs such as Southampton to buy players from Celtic and Roma; Norwich City can buy from Sporting Lisbon, Lazio and Celtic, West Ham can secure the services of players from Shakhtar Donetsk, Liverpool and Real Betis, Swansea can buy half of La Liga squads, Everton can loan players from Barcelona and Chelsea and so on.

While in Spain the league has been destroyed by individual TV deals, in Italy the TV deals massively favour the “big” clubs and in Germany the TV deal is very small compared to the other big leagues, the English have a deal that has created a league that can attract quality from the rest of Europe and allow teams such as Southampton and Everton to beat teams such as Liverpool and Chelsea.

You hardly see it in La Liga or even Italy. However,”giant-killing”  it’s almost a weekly occurrence in the Premier League. This is why millions are watching the Premier League all over the world.

Football is not about “stars” or brands, it’s about competition. The fiercest, most even game, will always be more enjoyable to watch than a duel between multi-national superstars and a group of players who earn less than 5% of what the super-stars earn (something that is happening on a weekly basis in La Liga).

Maybe, one day, Real Madrid and Barcelona will understand that.


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