For the Sake of Footballers

Football should give up on tournaments such as the Capital One Cup. This is an order from the doctor


An international player will play between 60 to 80 games per season. On average it’s a game every 5 days.

Calculations suggest that a 90-minute football match is equal in effort to running a half-marathon. According to that matrix, footballers “run” about 60 to 80 half marathons per season. Non-internationals run about 30 to 40 half marathons per season. Running experts and physicians suggest it’s not healthy for a human to run more than 4 marathons or 10 half-marathons in one year.  So, footballers run 4 to 8 times more than what physicians regard as dangerous for humans. The conclusion is that the football season is just plain dangerous for professional footballers.

I know that football is a huge business and needs hundred of games to be played on any given weekend. However, it is pretty clear that football should give up on tournaments such as the  Capital One Cup. Leagues should reduce number of teams, international tournaments should be shortened and pointless international fixtures should be scraped. These are orders from the doctor.


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