Boys To Men

Smooth sails do not make skillful sailors



Berry Sakharof, Israeli rock guitarist, songwriter and singer, sang that “a broken heart is a complete heart”. Meaning that a person needs to go through some difficulties in-order become a more complete person.

In the last few weeks, we are witnessing a different Arsenal – more resilient, tougher and much more masculine . It’s not just because Mathieu Flamini and Mesut Özil were added to the squad but because players such as Jack WilshereAaron RamseyKieran GibbsLaurent Koscielny and Wojciech Szczęsny had a horrid time at the club and the Premier League. They were all heart broken.

Wilshere had to deal with huge expectations and was plagued with injuries; Aaron Ramsey went through a horrible injury and a long recovery process; Gibbs also faced a lot of injuries and suffered from lapses in concentration, which led to crucial mistakes. Laurent Koscielny has to prove he is tough enough for England in almost every game and Szczęsny has faced some pretty rough criticism, that would crush the confidence of any other 23 year old.

But smooth sails do not make skillful sailors and Arsenal’s boys sailed on some pretty rough waters. They all suffered some nasty heart breaks and it made them more complete. They went from boys to men and right now Arsenal seems to profit from it.


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