October 2013

Stillness and Speed: Being Dutch

Book Review: It is just reasonable that a unique player such as Bergkamp will have a unique biography

Better Than 18 Year Old Ronaldo

Adnan Januzaj is like a young Michael Laudrup

Academy – It’s More Than Just a Word

Here are some insights on the work of FSV Mainz 05′s football academy

Same Same

Gareth Bale will need to learn to play alongside an alpha-male or else he’ll be the biggest waste of money since Kaka

Even Footballers Are Slaves in Qatar

FIFA can change the rules in a country when they really care – when the rules hurt their “tax-free bubble”

Small Margins, Big Difference

As proved yesterday, football is a game of small margins

“Desired Effect”

Fans are the only ones who can help close the ever widening financial gap between the 463 poor clubs and their 237 lucky rivals

Is UEFA Worried About The Growing Gaps Between The Haves and Have Nots?

“No. Financial Fair Play (FFP) is about clubs living with their own revenues in a sustainable way”

Goal Line Technology is Useless

Every major football ground has great technology installed. It’s called TV

Ramsey – The Product of Wenger’s Trust

Wenger knew what Ramsey can become and he should be credited for it

FIFA’s Stupidity Will Make an Interesting World Cup

The rankings and seeding system for the World Cup™ is plain stupid but at least the group stage should be more interesting than ever before


Democracy is the key to a good connection between a management of a club and its fans

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