November 2013

RIP Arik Einstein

Born 3 January 1939, died 26 November 2013

Platini The Planner

Platini knows there’s a problem but he doesn’t know how to solve it

Football Doesn’t Really Care About Retired Footballers

Footballers are not treated fairly because they do not take a part in the decision making process

Like FC United Beating Manchester United

On Friday, Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem played in a weird game against Hapoel Jerusalem

“FIFA is Against Political Interference in Football”

Football and politics don’t mix” but money is always a good mixer

And We Don’t Care About The Young Folks

Generations X, Y and Z are less loyal brands and English football could suffer because of it

More Games With No “Messis”

Messi is another victim of football’s cruel schedule

Well, a Message Was Sent. Sort Of

Arsenal weren’t awful in Old Trafford, which is a huge improvement

Diving is Not OK

Football authorities should kick diving out of the game and adopt basketball’s attitude towards “flopping”

Get 10% More Physical

If Arsenal want to beat Dortmund tonight, if Arsenal want to win a trophy, they will have to get more physical

Swansea Are The Real Winners

Cardiff might have won bragging rights this weekend but the Swansea’s fans can proud of their club while Cardiff’s supporters can expect more embarrassment from “their owner”. So who is the winner here?

The Conductor

Mourinho is Wenger’s Kryptonite

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