December 2013

January 2014: One of the Last Transfer Windows?

The transfer system might be redundant

Liverpool’s Two Huge Challenges

Second half-titis and keeping a lid on the devil inside Luis Suárez are standing between Liverpool and a Premier League trophy

The 10 Most Read Posts on Soccerissue in 2013

December is here and we are too lazy and cold to write proper posts so here are the 10 most read ones on Soccerissue in 2013. We even copied the byline

How To Scout For Special Players

A few tips for scouting from agents, scouts, physios coaches and sports directors

The Extra Mile

Arsenal’s board should remember that some Gunners supporters are unemployed

Manchester City 6 – Arsenal 3. Conclusions

Arsenal can win the title | Arsenal need a Yaya Toure | Jack Wilshere needs to think | Theo can be Arsenal’s best striker | Give Per the armband

Shame On You Arsenal

I have nothing to say, just let Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, FC Bayern’s CEO put Arsenal to shame

The Small but Critical Difference

The small details make huge difference and whoever takes his eyes off the ball, even for a second, might lose his advantage. Did Messi take his eyes off the ball for a second?

The Smelly Sport

A TV referee would not stop the flow of the game – it would just make it fairer and clear away the stench of conspiracy

2 Minor Changes

Uefa won’t change the Champions League format but they can improve it a little

Thumbs Up Frankfurt FSV

In a world in which everything is now measured by profit and capital, it’s great to hear about a football’s team stance against anti-semitism

The Manchester United “Brand” is About Winning

Businessmen love the idea of not needing to actually win in order to make profit

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