January 2014

Older and More Productive

Experience will win you games – use it

The La Ligaization Process of European Football Has Begun

The football regulators are making it easier for the rich to become richer

Puma’s Deal with Arsenal is a Bargain

Arsenal’s deal with Puma is worth a basic £30m annually. Just from selling Arsenal shirts, Puma will earn at least £60m

European Football has Stopped Creating Footballers

The football authorities’ responsibility is to make the development of players more worthwhile for all the clubs

In The Name of Transparency

Sandro Rosell’s resignation shows you what’s great about supporters ownership

The Football Authorities Injured Falcao

Falcao’s Injury Highlights the Need for Separation between Professionals and Semi-Professionals

Deloitte’s Money League: Yet Another Proof the FFP is a Joke

The numbers show that UEFA’s Financial Fair Play is a complete failure

Is Mata a Safe Bet?

Golf can teach us something about shopping for the right player

Sponsors’ Spine

If only FIFA’s sponsors had half the decency Zoopla has

Loans are Very Convenient for the Rich

Limiting the number of (over 21) players in a club to 25 would help spread the talent between teams and create a better competition

SYS – Save Your Saints!

Supporters of Southamtpon should look to their neighbors Portsmouth and realize that their future is in their own hands

No Cláss-ico

Messi is degrading their own fame

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