February 2014

A Few Weeks Off

We’ll return stronger than ever

2nd Hand Games. Why?

The Champions League needs single-leg ties in the knockout stage

A World Cup Should be a Celebration

FIFA makes people hate the World Cup

Footballers’ Focus On the Present is The Billionaires’ Bonanza

The clubs’ business plan is based on the short term thinking of their footballers

Week of Crappy Football. Yay!

Platini’s politicos friends will enjoy greater income from the Euro 2016 qualifiers. Footballers and fans will suffer. Thank you Uefa

Balance. On Dennis Bergkamp’s statue

Bergkamp changed Arsenal’s DNA. Now Arsenal need some of his balance

Inside Job

Expert senior musculoskeletal doctor of PSG: “Footballers are damaged like marathon running Rugby players”

A Piece of The Puzzle

Özil needs other “record signings” near him

Mourinho is Jealous of Wenger’s Legacy

In Wenger’s “unsuccessful period” he did everything his employers asked him to do.

European Super League Can Work*

* Only if supporters’ ownership will be made easy by laws and football won’t forget its important and historic social responsibility

A Game Thinking of the People

In Olympic hockey they actually do all the things that fans only talk about in World Cup or tournament football

What if Arsenal Was Owned By 225,000 Members?

Maybe, one day, after Stan had made enough money out of Arsenal, the community will take the club back

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