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Expert senior musculoskeletal doctor of PSG: "Footballers are damaged like marathon running Rugby players"


Dr. Stephen Ben-Shoshan is a Senior muskulo-skeletal interventional radiologist, CT & MRI musculo – skeletal imaging diagnostic.

Did you stop reading? Because that’s what I would have done.

What does it mean?

Basically Ben-Shoshan uses MRIs and X-ray computed tomography to know exactly where’s the muscular or skeletal, damage is. He then injects medicine or Orthokine to the damaged area in the most accurate way.

NBA players such as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant used this procedure to recover from injuries quickly. Because I’m no doctor, you can read more about it here: CT Image-Guided Injection Techniques for Spinal Pain Management. See more about Orthokine treatment here: Orthokine Treatment Is Effective For Knee Arthritis.

Anyhow this is interesting for Soccerissue because, for the last 10 years Stephen Ben-Shoshan is the Paris Saint Germain expert doctor. Because he uses CTs and MRIs he literally knows players from the inside. He has the ability to observe their muscles, tendons and skeletal structure.

“Because of  the Orthokine treatment and accurate injections, I saw plenty of injured marathon runners and rugby players return to action quickly”‘ Ben-Shoshan says. “We can now treat Arthritis and strains a lot better because we can see where’s the origin of the damage and accurately inject the medicine into the hurt area. I can look at the entire body form the inside and see exactly how and where the hurt area projects pains to other parts of the body”.

What do you see inside footballers?

“Footballers get injured more than other athletes. I’m treating tennis players with elbow and shoulder problems, I treat many Rugby players who have suffered from different traumas and also marathon runners with damaged feet and legs. However, footballers are completely worn-out. From the inside. Their cartilage is eroded and they have a lot of problems with their tendons and ligaments. Usually, a 35 year old player has the body, from the inside, of a 55 year old. He will need to have more surgical treatments from regular folks and suffer from Arthritis and related injuries”.

Why is this happening?

“Today the footballers are so much muscular than a few years ago. They are so much stronger and tough. The game today is a lot faster and more difficult and you can see all that inside their bodies. The internal damage is immense. Their ligaments are worn-out, their cartilage is gone and they have more mechanical problems because of this – which leads to Arthritis. Orthokine injections help horses fight cartilage erosion but footballers are not horses.  A lot more research is needed to be done in this area”.

Are they playing too many games per season?

“Yes, for sure. 60 games per season are too many games. The human body can’t handle that pressure. I see many feet and legs problems in marathon runners and many problems caused by trauma in Rugby. However, footballers seem to suffer from both problems. Traumas and erosion. Footballers are damaged like marathon running Rugby players. For them, at a young age at least, it doesn’t matter. They want to play as many games as possible. I, as a sports physician, need to fix them for the short term but I know the damage is long term”.

How many games are the ideal?

“I think that players can’t play more than 20-30 games per season and stay healthy. I think that the season shouldn’t be longer than that. You can’t play more than 30 games per season and stay healthy. 30 games per season should be the maximum. A player who plays more than 30 games per season will suffer from irreversible health problems”.



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