April 2014

Rethink Needed

If anyone can do some re-thinking, it’s “philosopher” Pep Guardiola

The Prophet

In 1997 Ancelotti knew how his team should play


Football gives a warm face to a cooperation that is owned by a dictator

If I was Arsenal’s Scout…

Here are 4 players I would love Arsenal to sign

Wrecking Ball

Mourinho is the best demolition man in the business

Unfair Story

The most horrible thing about this disease is that it kills dreams before it kills people

Wall Street United

Stability was the key to the Glazers’ success. Now that it’s gone, Manchester United are exposed to an extremely volatile environment

Idiotic Regulation

Financial Fair Play is the most idiotic regulation ever. Period

Bad Advert for Football

A tournament of the Champions League magnitude cannot allow itself to have unsalable games at this stage of the season

It’s a Different Game Now

Manchester United now need someone who will work for the club while the manager is working on keeping his job

Protectors of the Status Quo

The Financial Fair Play is a collaboration between regulators and the elite. Their aim is to protect themselves without solving the real problems

The Premier League’s Walter White

In order to succeed against “bad guys” you sometimes need to employ “bad guys’” tactics

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