May 2014

Wenger’s Mission: Get Steve Bould Ready to Replace Him

Arsène Wenger’s great legacy should be leaving the club in the hands of his best and most trusted group of players

It’s All In the Format

Don’t get your hopes up. You wont see exciting football in the World Cup because its format is outdated. However, Leandro Shara a Chilean mathematician has the solution for your summer bore

Books To Read Before The World Cup

Between the Champions League and the World Cup there is plenty of time to read about football and learn more about the game

The Jinx is Here to Stay

Unlike Dortmund, Atletico Madrid can’t build on its successful season in Europe. Their infrastructure is too rickety

Mister Cool VS Mister Kill

Which is the better approach for a huge game like the Champions League final? We’ll see tomorrow


The Spanish clubs are receiving government assistance, which teams from England, Germany, Italy and France do not

Ramsey is The New Vieira

Ramsey can inspire Wenger to build a winning team


The FA Cup win might be a beginning of something great

The Importance of That First Trophy

It is true that you can learn a lot from your failures but in order to become a winner, you need to start winning

The Man That Can’t Fail

Ed Woodward failed the club but won’t be sacked. Bankers never get the sack

Three Young Cubs

A World Cup experience, bad or good, will add more to the 20-23 year olds than to the 28-30 year olds

Plan B

If the English FA wants “better English players”, it needs to invest heavily in the football education of preschool children

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