June 2014

Love Thy Immigrant

Football has evolved mainly because of the exchange of ideas between different cultures

Contempt of Football

Is Luis Suárez’s punishment too tough? No

The Last of the Malandros

Brazil needs more “Neymars” and less “Hulks”

Hodgson is Innocent

There is no basis to discuss Roy Hodgson’s performance at Brazil 2014. He just doesn’t have players.

Kick Suárez Out of The World Cup

FIFA should suspend Luis Suárez for the rest of the World Cup

Flawed Format – Exhibit A

Formats expert Leandro Shara has a few things to say before the 3rd round of games in the World Cup

Unfair World Cup (for Some)

There are a lot of elements and factors that make this World Cup unfair

England Has Two “Raúls”

England needs to drop “super-stars” and start building a team

Spain are Not in a Bad Place

Spain might fail but their system still works incredibly well

A Poem: A Guy From Uruguay

A poem about Luis Suarez

World Cup on Speed

Slow players are endangered species

Sad State of Affairs

The only hope for a healthier World Cup is that huge corporations will change FIFA

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