July 2014

United for The Glazers

Well done! Manchester United is funding a family from Florida

Dortmund’s Creativity is Crushed by Reality

A handful of rich and egoistic clubs (nations) and Uefa’s primitive regulation are crushing Dortmund’s creativity

Partners Without a Say

Southampton has lost its patron and now it’s beginning to lose its head

Logic Doesn’t Work for Football Anymore

The World Cup is hindering the preparation of clubs after clubs have hindered the preparation for the World Cup

Strategy: None. Tactics: Buying Players

Some clubs think that buying players is something they have to do “for the fans”

Qatar is The Terror Funding World Cup Host

European decision makers should be aware that Qatar is using European football to launder its image

Is James Better Than Isco?

The World Cup is the biggest event in the World of football but 5 great games are just 5 great games

The Perfect Captain

Philipp Lahm always made the right decisions at the right time

Ode to Les Murray

The soccer loving immigrant has re-created his world

Stars are so Passé

Individual awards are for losers

No. Not Maradona

Messi didn’t score with his hand, he didn’t hand his opponents a bottle of water laced with tranquilizers. He is not a cheat

Not a Machine. An Organism

They Germans weren’t “put together” like a machine, they were developed and groomed for years

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