August 2014

“Please Doctor, Cut Off My Legs”

Next time you say that a footballer earns too much money, just remember what Batistuta said

Fuck The Racists, Let’s Form our Own Club

A brave group of Israeli football fans formed a new club around their anti-Racist message

A Champions League Format UEFA Must Consider – Take 4

Leandro Shara’s suggested format for the Champions League can spread the wealth

Great day for United

One of the best players on the planet has signed, and quite a few mediocre ones have played their last match

Dare to Mario

Mario Balotelli is ready to make the big step and turn into a real alpha striker

The Premium League

In this summer transfer window we can see the “NBAization” of the Premier League

Save Gazza

Paul Gascoigne needs help from a football institution

This is Not The Onion

WUT?! LOL! FIFA to host landmark conference on sporting ethics

It’s a Cultural Thing

Zlatan just didn’t fit in the bourgeois culture of the dressing room at the Camp Nou. Can Su├írez overcome the cultural differences?

A Few Thoughts about Arsenal – Crystal Palace

Beginnings of seasons don’t be mean a lot but it is good to start with a win

The Premier League – An Old Fart

The Premier League sees itself as John Connor when it’s actually Uncle Scrooge.

Captive Audience

When hedge fund founders and Wall-Street schemers meet consumers who will pay whatever it takes to watch their team then we will see exploitation

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