“Please Doctor, Cut Off My Legs”

Next time you say that a footballer earns too much money, just remember what Batistuta said


In an interview with Argentine sports channel TyC Sports Argentina star and Fiorentina legend Gabriel Batistuta, revealed the cost of being one of the best footballers in his generation.

Batistuta talked about how he wished his legs would be amputated because of the pain he felt. “My 86 kg are supported only by bones” he said. “The cartilage in my ankles was completely destroyed”.

Tendons in his legs were ruined by the end of his career— he said the pain was so bad he would wet the bed instead of getting up to use the bathroom.

His condition is OK now and he can play golf but imagine the pain he felt. Pain so bad, he couldn’t get up to go to the bathroom. A pain that made him ask a doctor to cut off his legs. “Please cut my legs”, he told Dr. Roberto Avanzi. ”I looked at the doctor and he said I was crazy”,’ Batistuta said. “I insisted, I wanted to end the pain”.

“I thought my only solution is to have legs like Oscar Pistorius”, Batigol added.


Many footballers, even those who didn’t earn millions, suffer from severe health conditions. In addition, one in four professional footballers (more than 25%) said they suffer symptoms of anxiety and depression.

So, next time you say that a footballer earns too much money, just remember Batistuta’s quotes.


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