September 2014

Achtung! “Hormonally Active” Spray

The vanishing spray is a health hazard – so say Trade watchdog officials in Germany. Yet nobody talks about the dangers of too many games

No Transfer Market = No TPO

There’s Only One Way To Completely Eradicate TPO

Footballers are “On The Menu”

Footballers should be inspired by Elizabeth Warren and fight for their right to have a seat in the decision making tables

Pep Guardiola: “We’re Killing the Players”

Someone in FIFA should listen to Pep Guardiola. PLEASE

Hey Wenger, it’s not 1970!

Wenger used Brazil and Zidane to justify his stubbornness and lack of flexibility. If he could only be that imaginative during games

The Champions League is Killing The “Middle Class”

Michel Platini tried to help the “little teams” and ended up crushing them and their local leagues

The Transfer Market is Crushing Teams Into Poverty

Without major reforms in the transfer market, more and more clubs will turn into investment vehicles

The Collective

Alex Ferguson’s great legacy was turning stars into a group of socialist workers. Can Van Gaal do the same?

30% More Inequality

Champions League revenues are expected to rise by 30% which means 30% widening of the gap between teams that compete in Europe and teams that don’t

You Can’t Win With Half an Orchestra

In a full Modern orchestra, for every 4 Flutes you need 4 Oboes and for every 16 Violins you need 10 Cellos

“That is the Standard”

Louis Van Gaal gave Welbeck one hell of a motivational speech

Football Club/Company

Ticket prices issue comes down to the simple question: “What is a football club?”.

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