October 2014

We Don’t Need No Education

The percentage of club-trained players has now reached a new record low: 17.2% of squad members. What’s the problem?

Ballon D’populist

The FIFA Ballon d’Or shortlist shows you why FIFA is cynical, populist organization

80% is The New 110%

It’s been scientifically proven that footballers cannot give 100% each game. And it’s a great shame

El Duopoly

There’s no “La Liga” without Real Madrid and Barcelona but there’s no league with them so powerful

Roma Fans – The Bayern Munich of Fans

Roma fans showed that football is not a product and should not be treated like it is

League of Bullies

A closed shop, a boring, stale, noncompetitive tournament. That is what happened to the best football tournament in the world

Hey Footballer! Grow a Beard!

If you’re trying to figure out which team is going to win look at players’ chins

It’s an Age Thing

Can Wenger compete with coaches who are 14-15-20 years younger than him?

So, What’s The Problem With Arsenal?

One man is calling the shots and no one “double-guesses” him. He can be wrong but nobody in the club will tell him that he’s wrong

Take Money From the Middle Class, Buy a 3rd Condo for Your Son

It has to be said: Stan Kroenke is cynical

Footballers, Follow Mark Schwarzer’s lead

Schwarzer has stated the obvious. It is now time for more footballers, coaches and clubs to do the same

Euro 2016 – The First Political Euro

Michel Platini gave the “small” and mediocre teams a chance to play with the big boys and in return he gets another term as Uefa president

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