November 2014

Petrol Crisis

After turning Arsenal into a European Super Club, Wenger is being questioned about his future at the club. That’s legitimate but very embarrassing for Wenger


Wenger is an ideologist who won’t let reality change his mind. His players are being injured because of that

Football’s Ebola

If Brazilian clubs can’t pay their players, more players will be infected with the “match fixing” disease and there’s potential they’ll spread it across the globe

The Revolution Should Be Televised

Maybe an empty Emirates in the next game, would make Arsenal board realize that Wenger is not longer the leader that he used to be

Messi’s “Unknown” Trick

Is Messi manipulating the media to get new and improved contract or is he genuine about wanting to leave Spain?

The Facts

The downward spiral is evident to everyone

The FA Should Follow the NBA’s Lead

If you are a racist, you don’t deserve to own a sports team

“Give Them Your Football”

The Premier League needs to learn something from Dave Grohl

Decision Time

How do you identify talent? Are you looking for speedy youngsters or tactically aware teenagers?

Another Fair Value Deal for Qatar

Qatar, going around the rules? No way!

Chelsea, the “Sustainable Beast”

Wenger’s Best Excuse Has Gone Stale

Corruption at the Heart of European Football

The Qatari investments in football are not a problem unless you think that a corrupt, homophobic, human rights abusing, terror sponsoring dictatorship buying influence in Europe, is not a problem

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