January 2015

They Don’t Know What’s Possible

These Aussies know how to sport

Hey Football, How Much For Your Soul?

What’s next? Doha Trafford? Dubai’s Arena of Amsterdam? Damascus Calderón? Let’s Kill Seth Rogen Nou?

Slavery’s Presentable Face

Zidane was paid to launder slavery’s image

They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore

Would Juan Román Riquelme make it now as a player?

The “Magic” Of the FA Cup is a Simple Equation

The great “magic” of the cup is the fact that in one game anything can happen. Simple, effective and magical

Why South American Forwards are the best Forwards?

The South American forwards are statistically better than the European forwards because they grew up on the streets

On Our Way To the Super League

European football will have to close the gaps between the rich and the rest or it will wake up to a reality in which the Premier League is The European Super League

Ronaldo VS Messi is a Great Story

In a few years we will miss the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo


The winner takes it all. Is there anything more dramatic than that in sports?

More Iranian Selfies Please!

The Iranian regime is afraid of some selfies. How pathetic

Manchester City 0 – Arsenal 2

Arsenal can make this January really great with two additional players

Set Up For a Failure

Who will teach Krystian Bielik how to be a defensive midfielder?

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