February 2015

Do The Christian Streich

Footballers and coaches need to raise awareness to migrant labour abuse by the 2022 World Cup host

Find Someone to Blame and Blame Him

One of the problems of the Premier League is the “individualization” of football

It’s Not Going To Get Any Better

Outdated, outsmarted, unprepared, poor

Everyone Should Be Looking for Rasmus Ankersens

The real competition between football clubs will be for the right executives

What’s Barcelona’s Main Advantage Over Man City?

Manchester City might find that establishing a Manchester City basketball team or a handball team will be very beneficial on the long run

Worst Hangover Ever

Europa League hangover is the worst hangover

More Luck Than Brains

Arsenal rely on luck and individual talent

Almost Quite Interesting

The two-legged Champions League knock out stage is not as interesting as a 100 meters dash. It’s a 10,000 meters run

Small Fouls, Big Danger

Football can go a long way by adopting basketball’s stance of fouls

Chelsea are Great at Winning

Chelsea might have a great academy but their youth policy is no-existent

Pathetic Excuse for a League

Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are great. Probably the greatest. However, it would have been nice to see them week after week vs real competition

Silver’s Jealousy

Adam Silver is not jealous of football’s money, he’s jealous of football’s sense of community

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