March 2015

Mistakes Cost Money

A sporting director or a smart owner can save your club a lot of money

It Feels OK to Lose to Greatness

Gareth Bale can probably carry any team in the world to incredible achievements – apart from Real Madrid

Israel’s Secret Weapon

Raviv Method used to treat ADHD and dyslexia is helping Sheran Yeini, Israel’s utility man, to become a better player

Piece an Idea Together

Football Clubs, be more Midtjylland – hire a NFL offensive coordinator

Football’s Cancer

Corruption is cancer. Corrupt individuals are cancerous cells

Stop Acting Like Idiots

The moment players will know that they will be punished for acting like idiots, maybe they’ll stop acting like idiots

Milan Fans Should Buy Milan

The 4 million Italian Milan fans and the team’s 17 million European fans, can be the best owners of Milan

The English Premier League is No Longer English

It seems that the English Premier League is losing its English identity

A Tale of Two Halves of a Season

BBC were great in 2014 but it seems now that MSN are in control

Spot the Mistakes

When looking at the statistics of defenders, the most important thing is to see who is making the least amount of errors and who can’t avoid them

What if “Doping” was Healthy?

Professional sports can be at the forefront of a new era of evolution

Saviour Complex

Football is not a game for “Messiahs”

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