April 2015

Masters and Servants

Compared to successful professional leagues in the United States, from the financial and sporting viewpoint, European football looks like the 1800′s

Soccerissue Interview With: Dr. Karsten Schumann

Bayern Munich’s head of research: “It’s important that the club is not owned by one man”

When Winning is not Enough

It’s such a great shame that a natural born winner like Mourinho is suffering from an inferiority complex

Paying More For Points

In purely economic terms, Arsenal are paying more for the same product

Ditch Unimportant Games

In its fight against corruption, football needs to get rid of unimportant matches – and there are too many of these

Dominant 4

One can only imagine how Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Bayern Munich would handle the Champions League front when having to fight on the domestic front

Unfair Luxury

The question is not if Messi “can he do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke’, the question is “can he do it on a European night after a cold rainy Saturday night at Stoke?”

The Doctor Did It!

Last season players at Bayern went to work 349 times in 312 days. Then they won the World Cup

Build Mini-Football Pitches in Kindergartens

If football associations want great footballers, they should start investing in toddlers

Even The Best Can’t Win When Injured

In the current system, teams are showing up for the most important games of the season with injured or knackered players.

Serie A Won’t Solve Its Problems in Beijing or Doha

For the Italian football authorities, the problems with Italian football begin with “too many foreigners in our teams” and end with “we have too little foreigners as fans”

RIP Eduardo Galeano

Born: September 3, 1940. Died: April 13, 2015

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