May 2015

Hey FIFA, Enjoy Your World Cup with Djibouti VS Russia

Governments and sponsors can’t reform FIFA. The big football nations could and should

Star Quality > Moneyball

Arsenal have done well to get Mesut Özil and Alexis Sánchez. Get another proven super star like that and win the title

Rebooting FIFA

Every football fan around the world should participate in voting for FIFA president

Destroy and Rebuild

Here’s a suggested new FIFA structure

Blatter, Save Yourself, Quit FIFA While You Can

FIFA, there’s only one right thing to do right now: Remove Sepp Blatter from power

Not Excellent for a Good Reason

Right now, Real Madrid is not special. It’s a team that smashes smaller rivals but it’s not consistently excellent like Barcelona

Arsenal, Your Missions for Summer 2015 are:

Premier League season is over. Here are 11 things Arsenal need to do over the summer

“What is Your Profession? “

Women footballers face a society that doesn’t see them as professional footballers

(I Can Get) Satisfaction

If Arsenal want to move forward, they need a coach who would kill his mother for a win

The Morality League

When it comes to the billion dollar sports organization – I see roughly four morality levels

Hypocrite World

Russia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Qatar, China, United States, Turkey and Qatar should all face expulsion from FIFA should the world soccer’s governing body ban Israel


The only way to fix football is to learn from American sports and introduce measures such as luxury tax, salary caps and revenue sharing

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