June 2015

21 Things I’ve learned as a Director of Football ~ Jordi Cruyff

Jordi Cruyff (the future Barcelona Director of Football?) talks about what he learned in 6 years of being a football director

Corruption has Eroded Brazilian Raw Talent

Corrupt executives, who care little about scouting systems and turning golden talents into a team, are running the show in Brazil

It’s Time For Real to Ditch Iker for David

Here’s a statistical comparison between David De Gea and Iker Casillas done by Sportsmatrix

The Brain

Petr Čech is going to be a tutor, a teacher and a leader. It’s a heavy load but if anyone can handle it, it’s Čech

Internet Won’t Kill The Television Star

Football leagues got you to believe online viewing will “destroy” the financial model based on selling TV rights. They’re wrong

The €200m Ivory Tower

Only 9 teams can realistically compete for the Champions League next season

The Wilshere Conundrum

Jack Wilshere looks like a good problem for Arsenal

With A Little Help From My Friends

FFP is and always has been a joke. Just a political tool designed to help Platini’s friends and allies

I <3 Megan Rapinoe

I just wanted to say that

This Is Not Total Football

4 out of 5 Barcelona European Cup wins were soaked with Dutch ideology. The latest win is South American

The Question

This is a “yes or no” question – would you like to see a football Super League?

Treble in Perspective

Treble was a very rare occurrence but In the last 6 years 4 teams won the treble

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