July 2015

10 Things I’ve Learned as a Footballer ~ Dan Roman

After 16 years as a professional football, Dan Roman finds 10 things he learned from the industry

Hey Football, Your Format Sucks

Mathematically, The group stage format destroys tournaments and it’s going to destroy Uefa’s Euro

Bartomeu Won, Barça Lost

There were three major components to Josep Maria Bartomeu’s win over Joan Laporta in yesterday’s Barcelona elections

Good is Not Good Enough

Arsenal need more defensive midfielders if they want to win the title


We shouldn’t be heartbroken about Iker Casillas leaving Real Madrid but…

Don’t Hate the Playa, Hate The Game

£49m for Raheem Sterling is a fair price

The Four Types

Bastian Schweinsteiger is a Type 4 player

Pay The Twelfth Man

If Swansea will win more away games in this up and coming season, their £300,000 investment in fans would be considered as great investment

Semi Pro Heroines

Football authorities should invest more than just $5 per woman footballer

From The Devil’s Corner to the Top of the World

Poverty, hunger, street football and violence create some unforgettable talents

TPO is Not Dead

Mouscron will not be a football team. It will be a profit making vehicle

On This Day, 17 Years Ago

Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergkamp!

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