August 2015

Why Not Charlie Austin?

He’s not Karim Benzema and he’s not handsome like Giroud but he can score

Loans Are Bad For Football

Limiting the number of (over 21) players in a club to 25 would help spread the talent between teams and create a better competition. It’s as simple as that

Wenger’s Mythological Ex

Patrick Vieira is Arsène Wenger’s mythological ex and the manager wants to prove to the world that he can “do it” without someone like him

The Transfer Window is an Oil Well

The transfer market always seems like a “source of income” for many clubs. It isn’t. It’s a oil well for Oligarchs and anonymous “investors”

How about Trying Something Original?

It’s not surprising that for a club owned by an oligarch, players are just commodities

No Strikers? Let the Kids Play on The Streets

If you want “fighters”, teach the kids how to fight

Where’s The Aggro, Wenger?

Arsenal need more players who will ask their peers: ‘How much do you want it?

The Price That Should be Right

Transfer fees should be capped at the gross salary owed by a club to a player over the term of his contract + compensation

Where are all the Atheist Footballers?

In a world in which atheists are considered terrorists by the Saudis authorities it’s important to have footballers who are proud of their rational-scientific thinking as much as players who are proud of “belonging to Jesus”

It’s Good to Be Hated

For an Arsenal fan it’s embarrassing that the team is “loved”

New Season, Same Old Question

Arsène Wenger is no Alex Ferguson

Can Arsenal Win the Title?

Arsenal need 6-7 World Class players in their squad before Arsène Wenger can lead them to the Premier League title

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