September 2015

In The Money

As long as profits are huge Arsenal doesn’t really care about results

Barcelona is the New Swansea

Catalan teams could play in Spain just like Welsh teams (Swansea and Cardiff ) play in England

Platini is the New Blatter

Michel Platini is not clean as he wants you to think. He might be worse than Blatter

Closed Shop

The transfer system is designed to help the rich get richer

FC Greed United

As long as the Kroenkes and the Galzers are controlling Arsenal and Manchester United, there will be no real push for sporting success. Making money will always be more important

How Will Football Look Like Without Transfer Fees

Here are 8 things that will happen to football without the transfer market


Mathematically, Arsenal can win the treble this season. Realistically, Arsenal won’t do it.

The Human Element

Michael Calvin’s “Living on the Volcano: The Secrets of Surviving as a Football Manager” is a book you need to read if you want to understand football

Thanks For Nothing PSG (Qatar)

PSG owners are bankrolling sociopath killers but then donate €1m to help their victims

Enough with the Feudalism

Less transfer fees mean more money to players. They should legally challenge the whole transfer system

Puppet Master

Why did Super Agent Pini Zahavi buy a small Belgian club? For the same reasons he’s “controlling” 4-5 other clubs

What a Joke

When will Uefa understand that amateurs shouldn’t be on the same field as highly trained professionals? When a player from San Marino ends a career of an international super star?

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