October 2015

Russian Football Has Gone Full Neanderthal

Russian politicians are leading to the slow dwindling of Russian football

Sue FIFA and Every Single Member of FIFA’s EXCO

FIFA needs to pay for its crimes

Mourinho is Not an Effective Leader

Mourinho cannot lead a club on the long run because he just doesn’t take responsibility

Why Zico Should Be FIFA’s President

Zico is saying what everyone are thinking. That’s why he’s not going to be FIFA’s next president

New Stats can Quantify the Will to Win

Dan Valency says he knows the right statistical formula that will help coaches choose the right fighters

“Back in My Days”

Michel Platini doesn’t know that football is no longer the sports he played

Why Lose the War on GIFs When You Can Enjoy Them?

It is difficult to see how sharing brief copyrighted videos harms sports leagues’ bottom lines

374 Days Lost to Injuries

Football needs to decide if it wants its workers to play or to nurse injuries

Privatize The World Cup

Disconnect the big money from the small politicos running FIFA

The Face of English Football

Gazidis’ empty promises are the face of corporate English football

A Week Off

We’ll return stronger than ever!

Ego Depletion

Mourinho’s ego is Chelsea’s main problem

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