November 2015

Arsenal Lacks Everything

Wenger can’t win the title with just two world class players

Champions League Revenues Should Be Shared More Equally

European football has a lot to learn from the rich leagues across the Atlantic

How Many Englishmen Can Do What Alexis Does?

England needs to import players like Alexis Sanchez

Cost of Title?

So Jose, Clubs should be punished for losing money?

It’s Not Tiki Taka, It’s ABCB and ABAC

Barcelona, as a work place, has a clear vision and effective procedures. Unlike Real Madrid

No Surprises

Wenger is like a pub owner who knows he sells 8 beer kegs per day, yet orders just 7

Timing is Everything

Is split screen the way forward for European football?

Work Less, Earn More

Can Football talk seriously about reducing the amount of games per season?

Bad News For Florentino Pérez

Will Raul return to the Santiago Bernabéu as president?

Football Against ISIS

Football can and should play a role in the fight against ISIS and other extremists

Moneychester United

The club’s hierarchy has been pretty bullish about their ability “to buy anyone they’d want” but it is now their time to prove that they can work that financial muscle

Finding English “Identity”, is Easier Said than Done

How can the England national team find its identity when the clubs and even fans don’t really care about it?

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