December 2015

The Fear of Losing

Manchester United are managed by the fear of losing, not by the joy of winning

The Problem

Arsenal is OK, the problem is with the supporters and their expectations

Abusive Execution

We need to start questioning Platini’s actions on all fronts – Financial Fair Play, Qatar and The Champions League

Giggs or an Outsider (In June, not Before)

Giggs should replace Van Gaal. If he fails – bring an outsider in June

Welcome to The Jungle Guus

Chelsea’s problems are not down to player power. The champions’ problems begin with lack of hierarchy in the team

What next for Jose Mourinho?

It will take more than one colossal failure to scare off potential employers from José Mourinho. However, he will find it hard to find a new job in Europe

Arsenal Need to Fight for Pep

Pep could be a perfect replacement for Wenger

In a World Without Bosman

How the Bosman rule changed football – 20 years on. Probably not that much

Happy 5th Birthday To Us!

We are 5. Here are our the 10 most read articles in 2015

Dilution of Quality

Enjoy Romania – Albania! Thank you Michel!

Uefa, How About Competitive Balance Tax?

Here’s another regulatory step European football should think about it

An Optimistic Post About Manchester United

Manchester United had no chance of winning the Champions League but the game vs Wolfsburg offers a nice glimpse into the future

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