January 2016

Dark Clouds Ahead for Barcelona

Financial issues are threatening FC Barcelona more than closest rivals

Qatar Bought Bayern

Qatar might not be the owners of Bayern Munich, but the state that funding terrorism and slavery, has bought the club

Manchester United Need a New Structure

Alex Ferguson’s replacements were unsuccessful because they needed to replace a structure, not a human being

The New Americans

“Being America” isn’t just being a closed league

It’s Harder to Get Rich

The 19th edition of the Deloitte Football Money League, the annual list of highest earning clubs in football, shows no real big changes in the top 20

Players’ Evolution Deserve a Revolution

Players run harder and faster but they are asked to play more games than the weaker, slower players from a decade ago

Clock is Ticking

Uefa and FIFA are weak and the Champions League turned into a boring competition. Something big should happen

Instigator of Ideas

Bowie’s legacy in a soccer blog. Yeah, I know

Ballon d’Enied

There’s real bias against players based in England

On The Verge of a Step Forward

The logical step forward is video assistance to referees

Over to You Zizou

Benítez didn’t stand a chance

Arsenal Needs a Different Away Personality

Arsenal’s best chance of winning the title is thinking less like Arsenal and more like the Germans

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