February 2016

Why Should Mesut Özil Stay at Arsenal?

Arsenal don’t deserve Mesut Özil

Platini’s Soldier

Infantino has the charisma of a cabbage. This might save football from his bad ideas

There’s No Future for FIFA

If Sepp Blatter and his group of politicos can take over the beautiful game, then players, supporters, coaches and clubs can do that as well

Arsenal Are Not World Class

Arsenal are not world class. It’s simple. It is proven time after time. Knock out after knock out.

FC Cerberus

FC Barcelona are the new Cerberus – three headed beast you can’t beat in conventional ways

No Press is Bad Press

Arsenal’s inability to press properly is at the heart of the team’s underachieving

A Matter of Time

It’s only a matter of time before a really big name signs for a Chinese club

Happy birthday Roberto Baggio!

He was fortunate enough to live his dream, we were fortunate enough to see him live that dream

Human trafficking

Football needs to look at itself and ask: is the transfer market just human trafficking?

The Premier League Should Sign Foreign Referees

Only Premier League officials are contracted and have a salary, why can’t they sign the best referees Europe has to offer?

Players I Love

And want to see them in Arsenal colors

Ronaldo’s Decline

Can the 31 year old Cristiano Ronaldo still lead a top team?

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